LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje
LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje


Fill fuel for 1,000 denars at one of the LUKOIL gas stations and win:
- 7 days for two in Moscow
- 30 travel vouchers
Simply send the number from your fiscal account to 142 241* and expect to be one of the many lucky winners.
Read the rules of the game at
The prize competition is open until December 10, 2017. For all other questions and raising the awards, contact our INFO line 320 76 67 (working hours from 09 - 17:00).

* SMS price is 5,9 den. with VAT.

  • Rules for the award-winning game "Travel with LUKOIL"
  • TV animation for a prize game

As of recently, at all of its filling stations, LUKOIL Makedonija has started offering new, innovative and improved fuels of the brand EKTO, EKTO Sport and EKTO Plus, which are sure to improve engine power and efficiency, while safeguarding the environment.
Branded LUKOIL EKTO Sport and EKTO Plus have been produced observing all European standards and regulation applying to modern and eco-friendly fuels, in line with the modern lifestyle.


The Republic Council for Road Traffic Safety and LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL have realized mutual cooperation in the direction of improving the safety of road traffic through realization of activities for education of the participants in the traffic and raising the public awareness and promoting the culture and ethics among all participants in road transport.

17.10.2017-15. 01.2018

15.07.2017 — 15.10.2017


Tefal promo from 15.07.2017 — 15.10.2017 on LUKOIL Macedonia gas stations!


19.08.2017 - 30.09.2017

In the period from 19.08.2017 - 30.09.2017 with each buyed Chipsi, get  free Pepsi 0.5 l in all gas stations of LUKOIL Macedonia.
Get your gratis product on the cash register!
Each bag is winning!



In the period from 03.07.2017 until 30.09.2017 for each account of 700.00 MKD. made in any of the LUKOIL retail stores, you receive a stamp of specially designed action leaflets. By collecting three seals, you acquire the right to purchase original toys at a discount of 50% for your loved ones. And that's not all! For a surcharge of only 1 MKD, you get a second additional product. Visit our gas stations!


You can buy Snickers hazelnut and Bounty dark limited edition at a fraction of the LUKOIL gas stations in Macedonia from 13.02.2017 until 13.03.2017.

25.01.2017 — 31.03.2017

Salewa & Savoy brands, which are synonyms of sports, outdoor activities and a unique high-quality design, are now available at all LUKOIL filling stations with the loyalty program designed for this extremely cold winter! Visit us and get up to 50% off!

15.12.2016 — 2017

Starting from the 15th of December 2016 and while supplies last, purchase LUKOIL motor oil and get a chance to participate in our new prize game. 

Buy 1, 4 or 5 litre GENESIS or LUKOIL LUX motor oil bottle and get a glass scraper, completely free of charge!