LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje
LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje

Fuel Cards

We are pleased to introduce to you our new LUKOIL Cards for non-cash payment of fuels, goods and services provided at our petrol stations. You may receive the LUKOIL Cards instantly and simply, and in an unlimited quantity.

As a LUKOIL Cardholder you will have a round-the-clock access to high quality fuels including various types of products and services, updated records and control over the items you have purchased in a specified period of time and, on your request, you will also get the state of account of your LUKOIL Card.

According to our customer's needs and limitations, LUKOIL Cards may be issued for

  • all types of fuels, goods and services available at the petrol stations of LUKOIL MACEDONIA

  • all types of fuels

  • diesel fuel only

Our customer may also choose his/her LUKOIL Card to be issued to

  • his/her license plates

  • a company (w/o restrictions to the applicants and vehicles which such card will be issued to)

By entering his/her Safety PIN each customer is protected against any abuse of his/her LUKOIL Card.



The LUKOIL's long experience has proved that our customers are mostly satisfied when the card conditions we offer them are in conformity with their business requirements.

If your company has a large fleet of cars or other transportation vehicles, you will find our LUKOIL Card highly advantageous as, in addition to its other benefits, you will also get a detailed report on the fuel you have bought from us.
For any further information please contact our phone +389023293026

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  • Dogovor LUKOIL CARDS

  • Општи услови за картички

Online checking account

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