LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje
LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje

Service at petrol stations

It is just as important for safety and comfort when driving to use high-quality fuel as it is to treat motorists to a great-tasting food. That is why, at its filling stations, LUKOIL Makedonija has opened café-bar restaurants offering wide variety of national and international dishes.

Let your children enjoy their carefree games in the specially designed children play areas. These amenities are available on Kumanovo (highway), Gevgelija and Leshok LUKOIL filling stations.

Now, you can finally enjoy a great-tasting home-made food - even if you are away from home.
Enjoy your meal!

Our petrol stations sell almost any type of goods available at supermarkets:

  • Foodstuffs

  • Confectionery

  • Fresh sandwiches

  • Soft-drinks

  • Ice-creams

  • Cigarettes

  • Car cosmetics and accessories

  • Toys

  • Road maps

  • Newspapers

  • Self-phone credit extension vouchers

If you feel exhausted after a long journey, you may take an enjoyable rest with a cup of coffee and a newspaper at our terraces or in the pleasant interior shop’s ambient.