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The 9th “Best at their profession” competition took place in Perm, the Russian Federation

{ 8/28/2017 12:00:00 AM }

Based on the decision of Company's management, in the period between the 21st and the 24th of August, the 9th competition for professional knowledge and skills organized for the employees of LUKOIL called “Best at their profession” took place in Perm, the Russian Federation. This international competition was attended by Milena Bogdanovska, LUKOIL employee at the Kumanovo filling station in the category filling station sales assistant, and Aleksandar Runtevski, employed at the Kamnik filling station in the category of filling station operator (receipt and recording incoming petroleum products.

Our co-worker Milena Bogdanovska won the third place in the category of filling station sales assistant.In addition to the extensive knowledge and experience she has acquired over the years, she is very charismatic, spontaneous, warm-hearted, and joyful and has managed to amaze the commission in the practical section of the competition with her skills.

We sincerely congratulate Milena on her success and we hope that th​is will be another impetus to strive for more.

Namely, the warmth that Balkan people bear in their hearts, apart from their knowledge and experience, has set the bar high in assessing sales assistant - customer relation.

The spontaneity and ease that the Balkan Interregional Organization competitors employ in dealing with all assignments at hand have wowed the commission.

Our representatives Milena and Aleksandar have demonstrated a great deal of professional knowledge and have shown, once again, that LUKOIL Makedonija is proudly employing many true professionals in their respective area of expertise.However, what made the biggest impression were the true team spirit and the togetherness that our team has demonstrated.

Namely, although the Balkan Interregional Organization delegations of Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia were participating as separate teams, they acted as one true team, always ready to help each other.During the competition, all Balkan Interregional Organization colleagues provided valuable assistance to each other; our colleague from Serbia helped Aleksandar in translating, our Serbian colleague was assisted by our Croatian colleague, while our Serbian colleague was assisted by our Macedonian colleague, etc.This is truly a unique case of people coming from different countries helping their competitors, but it is, at the same time, a true token of collegial harmony.

The representatives of all three Balkan Regional Organization countries have had great time together, they have acquired new knowledge together and they have supported each other, which only serves to show that this competition is not only something to be won, but also something to be remembered.

More than 80 participants in different categories coming from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, etc.were competing in the final. Company's management has expressed its gratitude for the participation in the competition and  true hope that the high level of professionalism in our employees shall always be a guarantee for sustainable development of LUKOIL Makedonija.

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