LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje
LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje


New innovative and improved ECTO fuels, now available at all LUKOIL Makedonija filling stations.

{ 10/18/2017 12:00:00 AM }

​As of recently, at all of its filling stations, LUKOIL Makedonija has started offering new, innovative and improved fuels of the brand ECTO, ECTO Sport and ECTO Plus, which are sure to improve engine power and efficiency, while safeguarding the environment.

Branded LUKOIL ECTO Sport and ECTO Plus have been produced observing all European standards and regulation applying to modern and eco-friendly fuels, in line with the modern lifestyle.

They have been adjusted maximally to the last-generation sophisticated vehicles that require excellent quality, effective and eco-friendly fuels.

In 2011, at all of its filling stations, LUKOIL Makedonija launched the last-generation motor fuels, ECTO Diesel, ECTO Plus and ECTO Sport.For the first time on the Macedonian market, in the winter of 2015/2016, LUKOIL Makedonija launched aspecialLUKOIL diesel winter fuel.

"Having in mind LUKOIL’s motto that says Always moving forward, we do not stop here, and that is why, this autumn, we have decided to offer our clients the latest generation of ECTO fuels, now with improved quality.This is a response of LUKOIL to the challenges of the 21st century in terms of protecting the environment and ensuring energy safety – the two major global issues that humanity faces nowadays.In comparison to regular fuels, ECTO fuels feature improved economic and exploitation properties.ECTO fuels are a product of LUKOIL and are offered only at LUKOIL filling stations.Another advantage is that these fuels will give you extra mileage with a single tank.At the same time, for those that see movement as life, speed as a true temptation, and for those who enjoy true sport driving style, and wish nothing but the best for them and their car, the new motor fuels will be a true challenge" - declared representatives of LUKOIL Makedonija.

"LUKOIL Makedonija" is part of the Balkans Interregional Group, dealing with wholesale and retail sale of petroleum products through its large network of filling stations.Currently, the Company has a network of total of 27 filling stations and one oil storehouse and it is one of the major players on the market of fuel supply in the country, a synonym of highest-quality fuels and top service, a brand that customers believe undoubtedly. Our customers' t​rust is a result of the continuous innovations and investments in production, but also of LUKOIL Makedonija's philosophy of “working dedicatedly, taking ultimate care of our employees, customers and consumers. 

New, higher-quality ECTO fuels!

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