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The Luckiest Winner Traveling to Moscow Has Been Drawn

{ 12/20/2017 12:00:00 AM }

LUKOIL Makedonija's Loyalty Reward Program is over. The Luckiest Winner Traveling to Moscow Has Been Drawn.

Four months after the start of LUKOIL Makedonija’s sweepstake, finally we have the winner who has been given an exceptional chance of traveling to Russia's capital and enjoy​ing the fairytale-like city of Moscow.Mr. Jane Bocevski from Skopje is the lucky winner, and he and his plus-one will get a unique opportunity to travel to Moscow and to create memories worth remembering.

"I have participated in so many sweepstakes in my life, but it has never even crossed my mind that I could be the winner of the main reward, yet it seems that this time, the luck was on my side and I just can’t wait to visit this country with immense history and charm. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to LUKOIL and I wish them many years of successful operation"- declared Mr. Jane.

The reward was handed over to the winner personally by Mr. Andrei Cucu,, who took this occasion to express his sincere greetings and satisfaction for the successful realization of the sweepstake: "Presenting gifts is truly a privilege and we appreciate the trust that our clientsgive us and, therefore, we take every opportunity we can to thank them for that.This loyalty reward program was a great opportunity for that, so I’m personally very happy that we have all the winners and we can close the sweepstakes successfully. I would like to congratulate Jane and the other winners of travel vouchers and I wish them great time and I sincerely hope they will make memories worth remembering for a lifetime."

The loyalty reward program started ​on the 18th of September and it ended on the 10th of December, and the lucky winners were drawn randomly every 2 weeks.The winners of the rewards got 30 travel vouchers and the luckiest winner got the main reward, consisting of 7-day travel voucher to Moscow for two persons.


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