LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje
LUKOIL Macedonia DOOEL Skopje


LUKOIL Makedonija has donated air purifiers to several kindergartens in Skopje

{ 2/27/2018 12:00:00 AM }

​LUKOIL Makedonija has equipped four kindergartens in the municipalities of Gazi Baba, Aerodrom, Kisela Voda and Karposh with air purifiers. Representatives of the company stated that they intend to continue donating air purifiers so as to include as many preschoolers as possible and to enable healthier environment for all children.

"We are well aware of the gravity of the issue of polluted air that Skopje faces every year, and we, as responsible and serious company that is diligent in all of its actions and always takes care of the environment, feel that it is our duty to offer eco-friendly fuels that do not harm the environment and to takeevery opportunity to help whenever necessary. Therefore, we have decided to donate air purifiers to kindergartens located in municipalities which are most affected by the alarmingly high pollution levels. In this way, we would like to give our modest, but nonetheless significant contribution towards creating better conditions for the youngest one among us,"- said Mr. Andrei Cucu, LUKOIL's Regional Manager.

As a company dealing with fuel sale, LUKOIL Makedonija understands the responsibility it bears before the local community, and therefore, one of the priority tasks and strategic objectives is to take responsible care of the environment, to assist the overall economic growth, to increase social stability and to sustain rational exploitation of natural resources.

The event of the official handover of the purifiers at the "Prolet" Kindergarten, more specifically, at the "Sonchogledi" facility in Vlae, which was included in the donation, was also attended by Mr. Stefan Bogoev, the Mayor of the Karposh Municipality, who stated the following: "The Municipality of Karposh would like to extend its gratitude to LUKOIL Makedonija for the donation of air purifiers that have been provided to the "Prolet" Kindergarten in Vlae."

The event was also attended by the President of Karposh Municipality's Council and the director of the Kindergarten, Mrs. Vita Jakovlevska, who also expressed their deepest gratitude.

LUKOIL Makedonija, in addition to being socially responsible company, is always on the lookout for new, more sophisticated and high-quality eco-friendly fuels that do not harm the environment. As a result of this particular commitment, the company is offering the eco-friendly fifth-generation ECTO fuels which meet the highest European standards in the industry.

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